Pastor Pastoral Welcome Message 


Welcome to the Gospel Light Eritrean Baptist Church! We are grateful to invite you to be part takers of the bliss of the truth of Christ. It is an impression of our heart to welcome you in hospitality as it is a divine assignment of the body of Christ. Whether this is a one-time visit, or you regularly enjoy the resources available here, or you are looking for a church home, we want you to know that we are honored to serve you on behalf of Christ.

Utmost of all, we hope you sense in these pages the heart of our church. We exist to worship God, to exalt His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ, to foster and care for one another, and to share the good news about the forgiveness of sins found in Christ alone. We also trust that our firm confidence in God's Word is evident. Because we believe the Bible is the only God's inspired and inerrant Word to us, Scripture is our ultimate authority. It determines our faith and our practice as our divine bread. In the worship services and throughout every ministry, you will discover that our central message is the same--the Word of God, nothing more or less.

Here at Gospel Light Eritrean Baptist Church, we are attempting to connect people with God and His son, Jesus Christ through the power of Holy Spirit. Our passionate desire is for people to come to this church and experience a genuine, real, life-changing encounter with God. Our hope is that through our lively worship music, our caring fellowship, and our timely and relevant messages from God’s Word, you will come to know God in an unutterable way.

Thanks again for visiting us today. If you have come to know God through the sacrifice of His Son, it's our prayer that He will extend His grace to you and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.


In Christ,

Pastor Solomon Beraki