children2 at gospel light

At Gospel Light Eritrean Baptist Church, we work with church familes to help our children grow spiritually and we care to invest in their personal accomplishments. To complete their spiritual growth we invest in teaching them the Bible, having fun time together, having the heart to love others and giving them an opportunity to grow themselves through the word of God when chellenging times come by their lives.  

Our Mission:

That children would develop their personal relationship with Christ, and be equipped to share with others.

Our Vision:

Worship - Loving him through song and prayer

Discipleship - Growing to embody the virtues of Christ and learning lessons from his life

Fellowship - Engaging and connecting with fellow chirdren in a fun and Chirst-centered environment.

Evangelism - Sharing the message of salvation and love of Chirst with others through both words and actions

Service - Serving their communities around them through outreach while sharing the love of Chirst.

Our Goals:

To provide safe, secure, and loving environment for chidren, where parents feel comfortable leaving their children

To create an inclusive environment for children to connect with their church family, and to ensure each child feels both welcomed and wanted.

To help each child understand that God is real, and that a personal relationship with him gives meaning to their life

To aid each child in accepting Jesus Christ as their savior, and enable each child to develop a dynamic relationship with him.

To help each child understand the relevancy of the Bible, and that growth in Biblical knowledge results in positive life changes.

To help each child grow in relationships with other believers and with "unchurched" friends.

To provide children the opportunity to participate in an active role in worship and ministry

To support families in their responsiblity for the spiritual nurturing and growth of their child.

We believe that it is possible to share the love of Christ with each child from the day they are born and this is why we have setup different age group classes for our children. 

  • Pre-School
  • Pre-Teen
  • Elementary
  • Junior
  • Youth

For more information about Children's Ministry, please contact Ms Lemlem, head of this ministry at phone number:(469) 387-9627