Women Conference1

Berhan wongel Dallas has been hosting Annual Women's Conference since 2005 by grace of God. The event occurs annually starting last Wednesday of October for three days.

Women across the globe participate Annual women's conference in Dallas and worship our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and deepening of relationships with other women. 

We invite you to be a part of this Annual Women's Conference whether you are single or married, in every season of life, there is a spiritual fellowship here for you.

For information about Gospel Light Women's Ministry, please contact:-

  • Zion Akilas [ጽዮን ኣኺላስ] 
  • Tsion Mezgebe [ጽዮን መዝገበ]
  • Tsion Tinseo [ጽዮን ትንሲኦ] 
  • Leteab Kidane Ogbazion [ለትአብ ኪዳነ ዑቕባጽዮን]
  • Ghenet Yohannes [ገነት ዮሃንስ]
  • Semret Tekleab [ስምረት ተኽልአብ] 

All can be reached using phone number (469)-766-7946 or using an email berhanwongelwomen@gmail.com

Last Year 2014 Women's Conference was held for three days between Oct 24 - Oct 26.